jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Classic BMX 80's Bicycles

We went to this motorcycle fair the last weekend in Medellin, we saw a lot of overpriced/oversized/overuseless motorcycles, some china motorcycles (which I like more), some electric bikes, a lot of girl promoters kind of vedettes with a lot of plastic in their bodies, and also a nice exposition of classic BMX eighties bicycles. Brands like Mongoose, Redline or Torker were presents, wonderful colors and a lot of nostalgia (this kind of bikes makes me remember my childhood a lot.

Blue, red and yellow tires exquisitely mixed.

Redlines and  white wheels.

Golden shinny parts.

Do you feel the nostalgia?

Finishing, we give you this wonderful music video for the song "End of the Line" by Sleigh Bells.

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