domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Medellín Cycle Chic Team

Hello we are Catherine and Diego and we've just started the Medellín Cycle Chic blog cause we are bike riders and we love it as well as we love our city, we've followed all the trade mark guidelines and we are into the Cycle Chic manifesto as our culture fits in to it. So go and check it out and tell us what we're missing and how we're doing it.

This is what our first post says:

In our city the bike culture is growing and it seems to happen real quick, our town will launch the first public bikes in the country, there's now big communities of cycling trough social networks, bike lovers are growing their collections and all together are promoting the daily use of it to change how our city isn't well planned for daily riders cause motorized vehicles go first, bike lanes are few and sometimes pointless cause they take you nowhere. Although this is like highland we don't care we need to ride every where.

Locally the Cycle Chic manifesto is much more than we think it is, the movement at first a bit fashionist it's been taken for us as an excuse for something of every day, of you on your bike confronting the city and its adversities in every occasion you need to move from one place to another, that includes dressing, luggage, agility, speed, health, environment and on, but first it's about you on a bike.
The 'chic' thing understanding it as a vogue term doesn't fit too much in here, although we don't forget about being fancy and glamorous with allure when we ride our bikes we are aware that the common urban riders of Colombian cities are most of them watchmen and labours, humble real manufacturer workers that ain't too chic but go in their bikes with proud and grace, being part of this too.

We know that without being real activists with our mere presence in the urban landscapes we'll influence other people to use bikes and help them to forget about the social status that they think a motorized vehicle gives. More than chic we want bicycles to be the vehicle, basic as it self it's useful to unpretentious people who need to go from here to there in the cheapest, fastest, healthier, simple and unpolluting way.

Bicycles are the life style of intelligent people.

*About helmets: as well as the Copenhagen Cycle Chic we are into this.

 Hoping be useful in this initiative we'll wait for a support answer,

Diego and Catherine.

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